• Amazon Web Services

    Make you service 100% available, fast and secure with Amazon Web Services. Manage, add and configure easily your environment. Backup database automatically and restore in one click!

High Quality and Transparency

Technologic Group, Ltd works with high level transparency for customers

We suggest up to 2-times a week meetings with customer, hourly reporting and invoices every 2 weeks.
Every day you can check all commits and ticket logs. Internal project management is based on weekly SCRUM and customer can directly manage product backlog if it is necessary. We works with fixed hourly rate for time in material or fixed cost for the project described in SoW.

You will like to work with us!

Microservice Architecture

REST Api, RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS technologies

Our solutions are based on Microservice Architecture with weak dependencies. You do not need to interrupt your business process to update, fix, deploy, add or re-design you business functionality any more.

With latest technologies and microservice architecture your system will be flexible, scalable and ready for hight load!

Cloud Solution

Load balancing and autoscaling are not an issue any more

With Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure load balancing and autoscaling are not an issue any more. Keep you database secure and safe with high availability and load. Get your automatically everyday database backup and one click restore without system administration.

Make your application scalable and pay only for used resources with AWS and Azure.

ServicesFrom business requirements to deployed solution

Web Portals

Make your office available all over the world. Manage tasks, projects and resources, make reports and collect statistics. Create your own custom ERP or CRM system with latest technologies.

Add new functionality to your site, add banking or prepare your site to run in the clouds with high load.

Web Services

Add REST API to your web portal to make internal features and abilities available for mobile applications, partner services or other developers and contractors.

Make it free or payable. Make it authorised and secure.
Your choice – our implementation.

iOS and Android Applications

Keep your Android and iOS apps up to date with new devices and new OS features. Update external libraries and SDKs, add new functionality or create new native applications on Swift, Objective C and Java.

Create your own business application, RTMP video app or 2D/3D Game. We will help you to bring your ideas from concept to reality.

Desktop Applications

Some issues can be resolved only offline. Create your own desktop application supporting non-standard USB or PCI devices, do calculations or 3D modeling on your Mac or PC.

For science, for business or for fun on Windows, Mac OS and Unix platforms.

Project development estimation

if you just plan to start a new project but can't choose a technology stack. Have not a clue how to estimate terms of the project and it's cost - we will do it for you.

We will prepare for you full architectural sketch to solution, analysis behind the solution design and technologies with pessimistic and optimistic estimations including risks.

AWS Cloud Deployment

You solution is hosted on dedicated server and not scalable? You need every time to monitor availability and have to evade of high load?

Move you solution to clouds! Make it flexible and scalable with Amazon Web Services.